About Turkeyhill Labradoodles

First of all thank you for visiting our website.  I would like to describe who we are as humans to give you a feel for how we operate our breeding program here at Turkeyhill Labradoodles.  I am Larae Brown and my husband Dezie and I are retired.  I retired from General Motors in 2008 and my husband was self-employed and he retired in 2003.  We own 25 acres in Edmond Oklahoma where our Doodles can roam and play.  We have three adult children Myklee, Sara and Josh.  All three are successful adults and our son Josh answered his call to service by joining the United States Navy. 

We first became interested in Labradoodles over 10 years ago when we adopted our little Annie as a pet.  We quickly realized that the breed was highly intelligent, loving and the best pet we had ever owned.  During our search for our little girl we realized that many breeders were operating less than desirable breeding programs.  Having owned cattle ranches in years past we always loved raising animals and figured that we would begin our own breeding program so that we could share the love of this amazing breed with others.  Being retired we needed something to do with all of our spare time!   

From the very beginning we knew that we needed to breed from outstanding bloodlines to ensure we would improve the future of this breed.  In 2011 we began with three F1 females from a reputable breeder from Dallas, TX.  We then located and purchased Foster which is a Kit-sue standard poodle.  From there we began holding back select females from each litter that offered desirable traits such as hair quality, little to no shedding and personality.  In 2012 we introduced an English Labrador ‘Tahlequah Red’ to give us the opportunity to develop our own bloodlines.  Red’s parents and grandparents are all award winning in Field Trials as well as outstanding hunting retrievers.  In 2014 we introduced our new sire Frost to our program.

We take extensive care in selecting which breeding stock we use.  We strive to prevent any genetic health issues in the future of this breed.  We breed F1, F1b and F2 Labradoodles and very soon will begin our multi-generational lines.