Our Sires


Albert is an 18 month multi-generational blue merle Labradoodle.  He will weigh 55-60lbs when fully mature.  He has a fleece coat that is slightly wavy.  His personality is absolutely amazing and he is one of the most lovable boys you'll ever meet.  


JR is our up and coming sire.  He is only six months old now.  He is a black & white parti and hails from a try-colored sire and a parti dam.  He will weigh 60-65 lbs when fully mature.  


Scotty our miniture poodle.

Scotty is a 13 pound AKC registered miniature poodle. He is playful, calm and always willing to cuddle.

Our Dams


Daisy is a 55 pound CKC registered standard F1 Labradoodle.  Very sweet and lovable personality.  




Sprite is a 13 pound mini F1.  She sports a very outgoing personality.  Her non-shedding coat is long and wavy.

Ebony is a 60lbs F1B Labradoodle. She offers a curly low-shading coat.  Her personality is very sweet and outgoing.